Premarital screening

  • The primary purpose of premarital screening is to prevent couples from transmitting infectious diseases to each other and genetic disorders to their offspring.
  • The most important genetic disorder tested in premarital screening is thalassemia (a type of hemoglobin disorder). Thus, we give you medical advice only about it.
  • You must enter the requested values from your Complete Blood Count (CBC) test results.
  • Here you can see only the marriage-related interpretation of your blood test results. For a detailed interpretation, go to the "Complete Blood Count (CBC) Interpretation" section.
  • To read the Premarital Screening Test article, click here.

Premarital Screening Form


Please specify your sex and age first.

Different laboratories use different names to indicate laboratory parameters. Therefore, according to your lab test result, choose only one name from each group of names. After you have chosen names, your next step is to enter the values for the tests.

Red Blood Cell



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