TicaTeb is an intelligent telemedicine services platform for the public. Interpretation of blood test results and Blood sugar and Lipid panel results are the services provided by TicaTeb.

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TicaTeb Features

User Friendly
Easy user experience
Available on mobile, tablet and laptop.
Ability to upload lab test results photo without completing the form
Speech-to-Text technology to complete the form
Automated lab test results interpretation without physician involvement
Trending & graphing lab test results
Interpretation of lab test results based on the latest clinical practice guidelines and recommendations
Short history taking from the user and interpreting lab test results accordingly

About Us

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for telemedicine services has increased dramatically. For this reason, a group of specialists from Iran's top universities in the field of medicine and programming, in collaboration with each other, created an intelligent platform for providing telemedicine services. They called it TicaTeb.

Executive Team

Mohammad Amin Lotfi
Mohammad Amin Lotfi Software Engineer More info
Dr. Mohsen Khakzad
Dr. Mohsen Khakzad Physician-Scientist More info
Mohamad Reza Kariminejad
Mohamad Reza Kariminejad Software Engineer More info
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